Not Only Computer But Computer Education is Also Necessary.


In today’s time the importance of computers is very high and in today’s subsistence computer education is not necessary but computer. If there is no computer in the modern era, then there may be many problems because young people are dependent on computers in today’s time. Today many people have computers in their home but computer education is not there. People know the name of computers and their basic knowledge but they do not know what they can do with them. Computer education is very important for all in today’s time, because if a person keeps knowledge of computers in today’s time, then business can easily reach heights in employment.

Computer has opened up opportunities for everyone in today’s time and through this life has become much easier. Everything is possible by computer education today. The use of computers in train, machine, jet plane, bank, business etc. is always there. Computer education is very important in today’s times. There are many things that are done only by computer. Many times we have to get our work done after a lot of expenses but if we have computer knowledge then we can do that too.


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