You Must Keep These 7 Document while Filing Income Tax Returns.

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What documents do you need during the filing of income tax return which you should keep in the process during this process.

1. Form-16: If you are a job seeker then it is very important to have Form-16 during the ITR. This is what you get from your employer. It contains complete information about the employee’s salary, HRA, medical consultation and investment under Section 80C. This form contains information about the entire salary and TDS given to you in a financial year.

2. Salary Slip: In your salary slip, the account of the money received per month from the company is maintained. The salary slip includes the details of the money you received under several heads. Such as Basic Salary, HRA, Deerance Alliance, Medical Allowance, Convention Alliance etc. The deduction along with the money you received in your salary slip is also recorded.

3. Form-16A / Form-16B / Form-16C: If you have earned income from any sources other than salary and TDS is deducted on it, then you are given Form-16A by that company. If your property has been sold, then you give the buyer form-16b, all information is given on how much TDS is cut on it. If you are earning from the rental as a landlord then you should be asked to give the form 16C to the tenant to provide details of TDS deducted on the rent.

4. Form 26AS: Form 26As is a tax credit statement in which the details of all the taxes are recorded on your behalf (from your total income) Income Tax Department has received. You can download Form 26 AS from the Income Tax website. You should not ignore this form at all.

5. Aadhar Card: Now after processing the ITR, it is necessary to have the base and PAN card link to process it. Under the Section 139AA of Income Tax, it is necessary to provide the information related to the ITR to file an ITR.

6. Investment details: If you have invested in Equity Linked Mutual Fund or PPF, then it is useful to give you a tax deduction. So, whatever investment you have made, keep the details of your ready.

7. Details of Home Loan Details: If you have made a home loan or any other loan finance, you should also keep the details of it. They get tax rebates.

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