These Step Should be Taken Immediately After Account and Credit Card Fraud

Cloud Computing

With the increase of transactions through digital medium, the Reserve Bank has alerted the customers about fraud in it. The central bank has said that the debit and credit card fraud should be reported to the customer within three working days without fear, then the entire accountability will be of the bank.

According to the central bank, if the customer complains to a bank branch in a digital way about a disturbance in transaction within three working days, then there will be no responsibility for it. Then the entire accountability will be of the bank. With the emphasis on the transaction through digital medium on behalf of the government, the trend of payment is increasing through this medium. Along with this the messes related to this are also increasing.

– Complain about unsuccessful transactions from ATMs, bank account fees, etc. without the customer’s information.
– If there is no solution within one month then you can complain before the Banking Ombudsman

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